Daniele Iozzia

da Modica

Commissioning a Portrait

Having a portrait painted is a special experience and above all I try to make it as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. 

I usually meet the sitter and take photographs to create the right composition with a specific light, and also to get a sense of the person.

I then start painting from these photographs and in the final stages I would meet the sitter again, to make adjustments before finishing the painting. I find this way of working the most convenient for both the sitter and the artist. 

I would also normally talk with my client and the sitter about the clothes and the background of the painting and would keep you informed as the painting progresses.

My portraits are oil on linen canvas as in the classical tradition. They are usually life-size and can be head and shoulders, half length and full length. 

The final price will depend on the details we discuss, such as the exact size of the canvas, the background, the amount of detail in the painting and any special requirements you might have.

I am happy to discuss the timescale to fit in with your needs.

If you have any other enquiries or would like to meet me to discuss further, please feel free to contact me without any obligation.